Hi there,

I am currently working on my company's website. It's been up for months, but
I still have to get our product information in there. I'd like to represent
specs in a chart/table format.

I am very new to CSS, still trying to grasp some concepts. I'm more of a
creative than an analytical thinker, so sometimes it takes me twice as long to
understand certain "programming" concepts. I use dreamweaver, and even using
those panels seems like a pain. I think I'd rather hard code it myself to be
sure it works properly.

I've done a lot of research on CSS, and have read a lot of tutorials. Some
contradict one another! While I THINK i understand how it works, I guess I just am not sure how to visually make it work yet.

I'd like to start off with just using CSS to stylize the data that i'm going to
be using. These Product Specifications will be very similar to our Sister Company's website, located here:


We both deal in wire & cable. So while we both sell different products-and my company is a manufacturer, they are a distributor, our specs are pretty similar. I am not sure if the tables styles were done in CSS or not, but I do know that SOME CSS was used inline.

How can I design tables similar to the ones at the bottom of the page listed
above? I'm not sure how to go about coding it. Should I use the actual TABLE TAG, and just format how it will look using CSS? OR should I do the layout with CSS boxes or CSS coded "tables". I do know that i for sure would
prefer an external CSS that will link to my product pages, so that my table fonts, colors, and styles are all consistant. My friend said to
use classes, but I can't grasp the concept of how to only apply it to the
Table/spec chart. I used tables to lay the site out also, and I'd like to start
to move away from it if possible, with the "boxes-css concept"....I am going to
slowly adding in CSS to replace those tables eventually, but I have another
website for my company that I really need to get rolling on, it's going to take
me a few months I think. I don't have time to do a full CSS site rehaul, but it's
important for me to get these product specs up online ASAP!!! How can I be sure that the CSS table styles won't interfere with my current layout. ALSO,
please keep in mind that each spec/table may not be configured exactly the same way. There may be less columns or rows. Or 2 different tables on one page. I have done a few tutorials, but I am not ready to take off those training wheels just yet. I really can't wait until I become more proficient in this area, I feel that CSS can do a lot in respect to a lot of things. I think it is opening up some doors for me, I can't wait to really dive in!!

I think my biggest problem is that I don't know where to get started!!!
Should I design it first in an HTML table to get it how I would like it to look, and
THEN "transfer" it to CSS? I have done these spec tables in Adobe InDesign for our printed catalog that never got printed. I'd like to import these tables -
with no styles and then put it how it should look if possible, so I don't have to re-do all these tables, which took me some time! I just can't seem to
visualize how to make this work! I need easy explainations! LOL!

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me to explain all this stuff
to me, in a way that I will understand how to do this properly. Examples of
other similar charts would help, and perhaps a process/step by step procedure.

I really appreciate any help with this, for I've been wasting too much time
reading, and not enough time designing. After I finish this project, I'm going
to be working on a freelance project - small website that I"m going to do in
CSS to get me rollling and to learn more. I hear that CSS is the way to go
these days!! Most sites i visit use it.

Anyways, thanks again for your time, and for reading this LONG post! I'm a
rambler, so please bare with me! =) Also, thanks in advance for your help, it's much appreciated!!