I'm working on something and it uses some absolute positioning using CSS. It's an image that is displayed in th left corner at the top. In IE5.5 & in NS4.7 & NS6 it works perfectly. Now, Now, in Opera it is displayed at the top, but not at the left. So it's like it doesn't understand the y-value. Does Opera have support for absolute positioning?

Also a dHTML effect doesn't work, but that's not that important....

<SPAN style="position: absolute; left: 5; top: 5">
  <A href="#" onClick="window.open('help.php?', 'newWnd', 'width=500,heigth=600,status=no,toolbar=yes,resizable=no')">
  <IMG src="help.jpg" border="0"  width="23" height="28"></A>