What is the best way to build an array containing the following contents please?:

Array ( [property] => Array ( [property1] => Array ( [description] => put in description [contact] => put in contact ) ) [property2] => Array ( [description] => put in description2 [contact] => put in contact2 ) )

i.e. the highest level array is property that contains an array or properties and each of these contain a description and contact information.

I'm not sure which method to use, they'll be around 100 properties so some form of loop is required.

At the moment, the data for the description of the properties and contact information are stored in another (sequentially indexed) array upto say 200 for simplicity:

i.e. property1 description = $data[1];
property1 contact = $data[2];

property2 description = $data[3];
property2 contact = $data[4];


Thank you, if you can help....!