Long story, if you can bear with me.

Early last year we designed a site for a client. Everything was fine and, most importantly, they paid up and everyone was happy. Recently, the client called my collegue and asked for the user name and password. Because we were very busy at the time, we thought no more about it, assuming that they needed to access their maibox control panel or something similar.

You might have guessed....
We went to the site today and find that the site is now hosted with someone else. No big deal since they had a year's hosting contract with us which has just about expired. We'd have prefered to keep them as a hosting client, but the revenue is not that fantastic from hosting anyway.

However, we then noticed that in place of our "A Tangled Spider Production" link at the botton of each page, is "Site designed by dbsitebuilder.net web design". In other words. someone else has taken over the maintenance of the site and is claiming design credit.

We have several sites on our own books that we did not design but that we maintain. In these instances, we have "Site maintained by Tangled Spider" on the bottom of those sites - we do NOT claim design credit.

The site is identical in every way to how we originally designed it. There have been no changes made and nothing added as far as I can see. The people who have their design credit at the bottom of the site are obviously not a reputable design company as the link is to a simple site with two design examples and no contact address, phone number, or even email address. Incidentally, they claim design credit for the site we designed on their own website.

Apparently the site was switched to its new hosts at 10.00 this morning.

We have no way of getting in touch with these people as they have no contact details on their one-page, seemingly hastily put-together website. We can, of course, contact the clients, with whom we believed we had a good relationship.

I would dearly love to have your thoughts on this.