Attn: All JS junkies (anyone smarter than me...yes that includes you),

I have a (home) page that consists of 4 individual frames. The main frame of the page is named 'body', therefore all of the links in the other frames have to target 'body'. Simple stuff.

Since I have added the script below, the links in the other frames 'can't find' the 'body'...all of the links are opening in new browser windows...not the desired effect. Can anyone let me know what's going on here??

The popup is launched from the initial 'body' page, therefore when you click the link in the popup it launches the specified URL in the 'body' frame. It is done with the cookie detection so it only shows once per session. It seems as though the cookie function is somehow connected, but I don't see how one can affect the other!?!

Help, please! Thanks, -TC
function GetCookie(name) {
var arg=name+"=";
var alen=arg.length;
var clen=document.cookie.length;
var i=0;
while (i<clen) {
var j=i+alen;
if (document.cookie.substring(i,j)==arg)
return "here";
i=document.cookie.indexOf(" ",i)+1;
if (i==0) break;
return null;
var visit=GetCookie("COOKIE1");
if (visit==null){
var expire=new Date(); = "thiswin";
newwin=open("LTG_cruise_popup.html", "dispwin", 
expire=new Date(expire.getTime()+7776000000);
document.cookie="COOKIE1=here; expires="+expire;
// -->
Also, If I try and launch it from any other frame, it replaces that frames content with the URL from the popup. I tried telling it 'target="body"', but it wouldn't work.