Ok, I'm reading the documentation on MySQL site and am a bit fuzzy...

The difference between SET and ENUM is that with SET you can have multiple values, but with ENUM, the object only gets one value?

Is this right?

Also, in my discography database, I am making a field to specify different types of albums.

- Standard Release
- Promotional Release
- Video Release
- Bootleg
- etc.

Would I use the ENUM type for this?

Finally, I am making one table to store the album information, and one table for song information. In the song table I have a field that specifies which album the song is on. Is this correct: in a form, I would use PHP code such as what is listed on this URL: http://www.thickbook.com/extra/php_loopoption.phtml to create a drop down menu containing the different albums so I can choose which album a particular song is on??