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    i went to comission junction and tried to understand what they are about.But the problem is that i didn't understand a ****!.I would like to know what are really affiliates and how does it works? What are merchants?.Can i make big money?the best affiliates........?...?.what are affiliates programs???


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    In general you can't make big money with affiliate programs.

    How it works is you put a link on your page, either in the form of a banner or something else. And when someone clicks on that banner and then goes to some site and buys something, you get a portion of their purchase. 10% or something.

    Then are other ones, like search affiliate programs. You put a search box from a search engine like on your site and for every person that searches you get 2 cents.

    Generally off programs such as these you won't make a decent amount of money, definitely not a monthly check.

    Then you can enter the world of advertising.

    There are a few different types.

    PPC - Pay-per-click, also called a CPC (cost per click) program. Here you get paid a set amount every time someone clicks on the banner. Such as 10 cents.

    CPM - cost per 1000 impressions. This is the preferred method of advertising. You get paid a set amount per every 1000 times a banner is viewed. If you see someone say they're getting $5 CPM that means they get paid $5 for every 1000 times a banner is viewed. In general unless you're a highly popular site, or can agressively sell your own inventory, then you wont make much off this either. Right now banner ad rates are in the toilet, people are getting $.5 CPM and worse.

    There is also PPL, Pay-per-lead. This is by far the least desireable because its basically an affiliate program. You get paid a certain amount for every time someone clicks on the banner, and either buys something or signs up for something.

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    Aspen, I can guarantee you that affiliate programs can make you hughe money ( I know several webmasters earning 2000-4000 $ a month ).

    A second remark : Pay per leads are wonderful if your site qualifies for the offer.
    To give you an example : I know offers that pay you 6.00 $ per free request of a video concerning hair-loss. If your site has something to do with hair you can make some very nice money out of it. Another one : a free car quote gets you 4.50 $ per request. Suppose you have a car-portal and you get about 1000 visitors per day . Each day 10 people request ( 1 out of hundred ) this quote. This makes 45 $ a day or 1350 $ a month, only for this program.

    However there are a few things you should consider before you add an affiliate program.

    1) Pick a merchant that is RELEVANT for your site. It's useless promoting a wedding-service at a software site.

    2) Use different programs : Combine pay per lead,pay per sale and pay per click.

    3) Promote your offers effectively : eg. statistics have proven that banners generate a much lower click trough rate than text links.

    If you want more information or if you have questions you can contact me trough e-mail ( listed on sitepoint ) or visit our website on affiliate marketing.

    O to respond to the cj program question, if you don't know how affiliate marketing works, you can take a look at .our basic information guide which will explain you all the basic principles of affiliate marketing

    Hope this helps

    Bruno Delepierre
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