Hello all,

I hope you can help me find the answer to this, I'm getting frustrated

I have a site dedicated to bonsai, and have placed a forum/board on it, using phpBB. So far so good :-) The site is, FWIW:

To make the forums fit within the rest of my site, I added some navigation at the top of the page, and a small banner ad.

The layout works well everywhere, but in Safari (only for the Mac) or apparently several versions of Netscape for the Mac.

I cant' figure out what the problem is. Safari claims to render to standards... Since I'm not on a Mac, I'm not able to test and figure it out.

Anyway, what happens is that the "meat" of the page gets displayed below the two divs containing navigation and ad, but to the right of it, forcing some mega horizontal scrolling.

The CSS file is at:
This was included with the board system, and I modified it a little bit, at the end.

Any help greatly appreciated.