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    Creating This Design With CSS

    I've never created a design using CSS before. I've just started using it a bit for font styles, and such, and then someone suggested it to help with a problem I posted about in this thread:

    What I want to do (I think, unless someone has some other suggestions) is design more of my site using CSS in order to eliminate some of the images used.

    The design can be seen here:

    I'm somewhat hesitant to start into learning CSS because it will add a lot more time to my site's development.

    So, is a design like this likely to be too ambitious to start out with?
    Can someone direct me to specific things I would need to learn to do this design, and point out parts that could be tricky.

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    It doesn't look too hard, you could start by downloading a free CSS template and work off that.

    My first CSS design took me around 5 hours to make, it was worth it.

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    Theres nothing like getting stuck into something for learning and you will make lots of mistakes but also learn lots of things on the way.

    However, I think you may find it a struggle unless you are at least familiar with the way css elements work and interact with each other.

    Your main content and side panel could be achieved with floating the word and latest posts blocks to the left and then setting a margin on the content to keep it to the right. (The little image could be floated right of the text.)

    Once you've done that then you can play about with borders and margins to get the look the same. The angled top of the main content box would probably require some sort of image placed at a corner to create the angled effect. (Or maybe a background image to create the whole top of the content box.)

    Obviously there are other obstacles in the way that will be apparent as you develop and you will need to overcome them as you go.

    If you want to learn CSS then start using it and learn as you go along. I guarantee you will make mistakes but you will also learn how to fix them.

    Hope that helps.


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