hey all i did a search found a similiar topic but i need something a bit different
My php knowledge is very small so what i am doing is designing the site in HTML and then using a HTML - PHP Converter to make a php file so that i can add in the php scripts i need.. Only problem i am running into is i need to have some javascript in there also and whenever i add it i run into a problem

My HTML - PHP editor makes everything echo "content in here "; but i read somewhere javascript needs to be outside of php tags =- so what i tried to do is

PHP Code:
end of php code

function openpopup(){
var popurl=\"http://www.games4dummies.com/TOS.html\"


<a href=\"javascript:openpopup()\" style=\"text-decoration: none\">
<font color=\"#000000\">Terms-of-Service</font></a></font> </TD>";
new php code
Should the two lines after </script> be in php or in the code part outside of the php? I have tried both ways didn't work either way for me so maybe someone can explain what i'm doing wrong