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    A client wanted me to create an online shop for his business. Since this was going to be a quite expensive and time consuming project I told him that it would cost him quite a bit of money. His business is quite small and he wasn't prepared to spend much on the shop, so I told him that there are already some free scripts for online shops available. I offered to set one of these scripts up for him and teach him how to use it(for a fee of course, but much less than writing a shop from scratch). In the end he also thought that this was the best way to go.

    My problem is that most of the free scripts available are released under the GPL which means that no one is allowed to sell the script to anybody else (I think). But under the GPL am I allowed to charge for setting up the script and teaching him how to use it? I made it quite clear to him that what he would be buying would not be a script that is written by me and that it would be freely available to him from the scripts website. I told him that all I'm charging was for the set up and teaching how to use the script.

    So am I allowed to do this?

    PS Is this a bit like Red Hat charging for the packaging and the manuals of a linux cd but not for the linux operating system itself?

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    You are allowed to do this.

    There is a company called Extropia that does exactly what you say. All their scripts are Open Source and under the GPL but if you want support from them it costs you $300 a year.
    Wayne Luke


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