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But what is a page? According to Fowler, "more strictly, the controllers tie into each action, which may be clicking a link or a button." That would make a Page controller an event handler.

Is there a difference between a Page Controller and a command, except that the Page Controller looks like a page when seen from a user's point of view? If so, what is that difference?
I think thats the key idea. The page is a user-oriented idea. Here is what microsoft has to say about this:

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Use the Page Controller pattern to accept input from the page request, invoke the requested actions on the model, and determine the correct view to use for the resulting page. Separate the dispatching logic from any view-related code
Does it matter if your url is:
The fact that a front controller is used does not eliminate the idea of a page as an important concept.

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The need for shotgun surgery to add a field is a downside of MVC and especially the typical layered architecture:
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Layers encapsulate some, but not all, things well. As a result you sometimes get cascading changes. The classic example of this in a layered enterprise application is adding a field that needs to display on the UI, must be in the database, and thus must be added to every layer in between.
So this says that if you separate your business and presentation logic, then there are going to be some changes that you have to make in two places. Wow, that sounds so obvious when you actually say it.