Heya folks

Well I started to learn xhtml. In the past I use to write my code in html 4.01 standard, and now I think it's a time to go one step forward. And that is xhtml.

For the base I take my old html and do some corections and I manage to do validate xhtml page.

But I have now some questions. First i want do transform my old page to xhtml strict doctype, but there is a problem.
I have in my page form like this:
<form action="server" method="post" name="VNOS" onsubmit="submitonce(true)">
So if I use strict mode, than my page is not xhtml validate, beacause acording to w3c /name="VNOS"/ is not an option. It is suported only for
T=Transitional, and F=Frameset.
name / form_name / Defines a unique name for the form / TF

Is there any other way to name my form?

p.s. Also inbox defined with CSS looks diferent. If I use strict mode, then the height of inbox is corect, but in transitional mode is about 1/3 size biger. Anybody know why?

p.s.s. I use IE6

Thanx in advance for your help