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    Got in from a nonstop drive from Angel Fire, NM lastnight and decided to see what was going on here! Like the new design by the way

    Our team placed 5th in the basketball tourney in Chicago. It was lots of fun but extremely cold! (Being a Houston boy and all ) The trip from Chicago to New Mexico was total chaos. We got on our flight to Houston around 11:40 am and everything looked good. The pilot comes over the PA and says that the mechanics are looking at a malfunctioning part (he also said it was an unimportant part). Needless to say we waited for about 45 min. so they could replace the part and it still didn't work. So they cancelled the flight! Well I was supposed to catch a 5:35 flight from Houston to Albequerque. I thought I could still make it so I asked when the next flight was, not till 2:45..... So they said they would put me on the next direct flight to Albequerque (which wasn't till 7:40). Then I asked about my luggage...... They said that more than likely my suitcase was already on its way to Houston (on the next flight which left at 1:10). So I went down to the baggage center in O'Hare and they confirmed this...... I finally arrived in Albequerque at about 9:30 their time, without my luggage. It was a pretty stressful day

    But once I was on the slopes all troubles were forgotten . I did have a little accident there also. I was coming down a Blue Hill (the second hardest) and I was going pretty fast when the trail I am on merges with another one. I look over and see no one so I don't slow down. Down farther I see another trail merging sign. I look down that trail and see no one when out of nowhere this little kid goes right in front of me. It stunned me and I realized I was about to go into a sign, so I tried to dive out of the way but hit my knee on the post..... I am still sore

    That was my vacation! Glad to be back

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    It sounds like you had a hectic vacation I also ski and I hate it when there are little kids on the slopes. They are a nuisance because they always ski on hills that are too challenging for them, which thereby causes them to get in the ways of others.


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