I am building a website for a client who doesn't really know what he wants. Here's an example, they finally gave me the content for the "contact us" page.. and it's nothing but the name/position/phone/email of three company managers. No text, no "We'd love to hear from you." No request for a feedback form.. or anything else.

They don't know what they want for colours, they don't have a clue what sort of graphics they want, and they expect me to do all the content rewrites, arranging paragraphs, etc.

So.. my question to all you people who do this for money is, "How far do you go?"

I quoted a set price for the job, and it's a fair, reasonable price.. but they haven't kept up their end of the deal by providing content, etc..

What should I do? Am I incorrect in expecting them to provide complete content that is already formatted, etc..? (ie: specify what should be bolded, italics, where paragraph breaks are..)