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    3 equalizing col layout +header +footer


    I've seen a number of threads asking for this type of layout so I hope nobody minds if I post this example that i've coded as it should be useful to a lot of people.

    The idea was to produce a table type layout where:

    1) any column could be the longest depending on content.
    2) different coloured columns with borders.
    3) a header and footer.
    4) the footer must sit at the bottom of the window unless the content is greater. Then the footer sits at the bottom of the document.

    While most of these problems have been partially solved before, I have not seen a solution that fulfils all the requirements (although I expect other people have of course done this before).

    Its been tested in ie5, ie5.5, ie6, mozilla 1.2 1.4, firebird 0.6.1, Opera7(slight problem with footer but nothing that notices) and netscape 6.2. (Opera 6 doesn't like it but its usable and code can be added to make it acceptable). I suspect older browsers will fall over when they see it, however there's about 90% of the market covered here anyway.

    I don't have a mac to test on but I know it works on Mac Firebird and Mac Netscape 7, netscape 6 OS 9. (On Mac IE5.1 and Safari1.1.1 it works with the columns but they don't like the footer but the design is still perfectly usable. I'm sure theres a mac hack that would fix it as the code is quite simple anyway.)

    Well thats enough talking about it, I suppose youll want to see it now.

    If you think its any good or your interested in how it works then shout. If you think its rubbish then keep quiet. (I've only posted it here because I think it may be useful and there are no links to any site on the demo.)

    It's commented out so feel free to use it.

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