I am trying to get PHP4 to work on my windows 2k desktop. I have installed the IIS package that comes with my computer. As far as I know it's IIS4. I've been having problems getting PHP to run. I've tried configuring it to work with isapi and CGI. I've read several tutorals but they all say the same thing and I've tried everything they have sudgested (going into my Internet Manager, clicking the properties of the default web site and changing the config properties.)

I am an experienced javascript programmer, but I'm new to PHP and server side scripting. I am trying to get the guestbook found at http://www.bratta.com to work so I can put it up on our company intranet as a postit board.

If you need more information on what I've tried and what I have on the computer just put it in your posts and I'll let you know.