HTML Code:
[color=black]<form action="" method="post" name="form1"> 

Here is a function I co-wrote that selects an option in a drop-down menu based on a value you pass from another page. Here I needed to have a company contact page that automatically selected a department, depending on which department page you were coming from. You have to add a value to the end of the link to the contact page, making it different for each department.
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
function SetList() {
var dept = ""
var num
var len
num =
len = num.length
dept = num.charAt(len-1)
if (dept == null) {
dept = 0;
} else {
(document.form1.emailto.selectedIndex = dept);
Add an onload statement to the body tag: onLoad="SetList();" FORM CODE:
[color=black]<select class="FORM" name="emailto">[/color] [color=black]<option VALUE="">Department 1</option>[/color] [color=black]<option VALUE="">Department 2</option>[/color] [color=black]<option VALUE="">Department 3</option>[/color] [color=black]</select>[/color] [color=black]</form>[/color]

Here form1 is the name of your form and emailto is the name of your drop-down menu, or select menu.

HTML Code:
[color=black]<a href="contact.html?dept=1">Contact Department 2</a>Then, when linking to your contact page, you add a number on the end of the link like this. Note that the dept= is not needed, all the script is doing is pulling the number off of the end of the URL. This script only looks for a one digit number, so you can't have more than 10 options (0-9).
The options in a select menu can be called with numeric values, starting with 0 for the first one and continuing from there. So the value I am using above actually causes the select menu to display the 2nd option.

I am not sure this is the best way to do this, but it is a nice way to avoid having to setup a database.

Hope this is usefull for someone.