Hello all,
I have a couple of problems with my site. See www.ejwelch.com and to 'Product Catalog' . First go to 'Mortars' to see my first problem. I want all the product info tables to be spaced out to 100% of the right div/column. Only the tables with a description (like the 1st table) take up 100% of the screen because the text forces it. However, if you scroll down, youll see tables w/o enough text are scrunched up. If i set my table width to 100% in my css, it causes horrible distortion in IE and the tables slightly extend past the edge of the screen in Netscape. It seems they both interpret the table width differently - on my indexes (click on 'Adhesives' on the left) , i have table width set to 70, which makes the index scrunched in Netscape. Ideally i want ALL the tables in the right column, (index tables and products) to take up 100% of the div column, but havent been able to do it w/o problems.
Second prob - go to 'Adhesives' then 'Seam Sealers' in index, and see how the 1st product pic causes the info to be spaced out according to the pic. I want all extra space, if there is any, BELOW the description - not spacing everything out evenly. If the description is longer than image, i want the image to stay at the top, not float to middle. How can i accomplish both these goals?
Sorry for long post! No one has been able to help me in any other forum yet and this is my first post here so im hoping for the best!
Thanks in advance!!!