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    downloading file from HTM page running on client

    I have an index.htm page on a CD. There is one data file on this same very cd too. whne the "download file" link on the cd is clilcked i want the download save as box should appear asking the user where to store the file information.

    On left mouse click right now nothing is happening. On right mouse click i can then choose "save target as" and it is doing what i want the left mouse click to do also. i am talking here about both netscape and ie.

    I am not running any thing from our web server, due to the CD all the files will be residing on the client machine.

    Any quick help with this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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    Based on the information you've provided, I'd have to say that something isn't working right. Fix it.

    If that doesn't work, you may try providing us with enough information to actually be able to help you, like some code or possibily a link, if the page is online.


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