I'm currently mirroring files. However, I would like to track these files, yet not have the hassle of those horrible urls like track.php?file=filename.exe

or something. hence, the link to a file would be something like: http://domain.com/filename.exe
but I would then have a .htaccess file with a Redirect code to redirect all file requests of http://domain.com/filename.exe to http://domain.com/track.php?file=filename.exe

All this so far is alright.
I have a current code which uses header()
to read the file for the user to download. However, it increases my log file twice and thats not good..only once per click.

does anyone have any idea to a better way to do this? of offering the download form a php file so a download dialog box opens for the user to select a filename and location to download the file to? thanks