I'm a new to programming PHP. Currently, I'm more skilled in Cold Fusion. I want to know how to make a page change depending on what the user has submitted via form.

For example.

The first page is a FORM. The user is presented with 2 radio button options.

( ) a. Yes, I'd like to go to site1.com [value = 1]
( ) b. No, I'd like to go to site2.com [value = 2]

When the user presses SUBMIT, they are taken to the second page which is what I use to process the information. Then the information is saved to the database. Depending on what the user picked, they are taken to another page. Also, the program should not go any further.

If they choose a, they go to www.site1.com, otherwise they go to www.site2.com.

How do I accomplish this in PHP?

In Cold Fusion it was pretty simple:
[cfif form.location is 1]
[cflocation url="www.site1.com"]
[cflocation url="www.site2.com"]

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Steven Samuel