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    Wrapable Marquee

    Okay guys, I absolutely know nothing of programming except for SQL and HTML. I have a bunch of 88x31 affiliate button hrefs that I would like to scroll accross the top of my website horizontally. I would also like it to pause on mouseover. Those are all over the net, I know... but I have been looking for MONTHS for one that actually wraps the last and first button on your list continuosly so you never see the end of the list or the blank area scrolling until the last is out of view. It would seem that this would be so easy. I have modified another scroller I found while adding the mousever highlight effect to try to accomplish this and im sooo close, but like I said before Im no programmer and there are just too many things I dont have right. Can someone look at my source and let me know what I am doing wrong or point me to a freeware script that does what I am looking for? My sorry jscript attempt can be found at (dont mind the site, its waayyy under construction and not released to the public yet) Thanks for any help in advance.


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    I reckon that this is just what you're looking for.
    There does appear to be a very small gap between the last and first image, but that may well be configurable.

    This and more sliders available at Dynamic Drive.

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