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    Hi folks,

    Since I suck at graphics, I thought I'd post in here for help.

    I am doing a website for a unionized group of IT consultants who want to break away from their union.. they have a website called

    I'm wondering if there is a standard union icon or logo that I could use. I really don't have any idea's for a snazzy logo, and their budget is pretty tight. (Meaning, I'm doing it as a freebie for a friend.)

    If there is a standard union symbol, then I thought maybe I could use the symbal with a red circle and an x through it superimposed on their company logo. If there isn't a union symbol, then I really am lost. Graphics aren't my strong point.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Take a look at this page:

    Might give you a few ideas. If not do a search at google for union labels.

    Good Luck (oh by the way, that info will cost you a buck)
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