i have to turn up to the expert for this question.
i was browsing away and came across with this:
 <tr valign='top'><td><%@include file='sidebar.html'%</td> 
   <tr><td><%@include file='header.html'%></td></tr> 
   <tr><td><%@include file='introduction.html'%</td></tr> 
   <tr><td><%@include file='footer.html'%></td></tr> 
i dont know java, but i'm considering it...
i thought i would be kindoff easy to use (knowing that my server been configured for running servlets, etc)

my question is:
would i have to save the file as jsp?
is it like SSI's where you have to change the extension into shtml? (even though i've heard you can get around that)

and lastly, how do i find from the web if a server has SSI, php or jsp support installed? do i have do do it through telnet?

btw. i'm running apache on linux.
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