I try to change the text link to button in the uebimiau mail script:

In readmsg.htm, below is the code to click to reply, reply to all, forward and so on:

<a class="menu" href="javascript:goback()">Back</a> ::
<a class="menu" href="javascript:reply()">Reply</a> ::
<a class="menu" href="javascript:replyall()">Reply to All</a> ::
<a class="menu" href="javascript:forward()">Forward</a> ::

I try to place a button instead of the link to make it easier to see, so I did this with the Reply to All button:

<a class="menu" href="javascript:replyall()"><input type="button" value="Reply to All"></a>

However, it doesn't work, the button is there, but nothing happen when I click on it. I don't know anything about javascript, please help.