Hi everyone,
This is my first post. Thanks for reading

Ok, I have a tricky concept, that I would like some help with.
I have hired a programmer, but he is struggling, so any help
from this community would be *really* appreciated (a lot!).

I would like to prevent popups from opening within a frame,
by disabling javascript (if possible). Here is an example ...

There are hundreds of affiliate programs that pay very well,
that simply cannot be promoted through Google Adwords. As
you may know, Google will not allow websites that use popups.

There are a few affiliate progams in particular that I would like
to promote, and having asked the webmasters to remove the
popups - I have been left with no option but to try and hide or
kill them myself. Now, some of you may be thinking ...

"Hey, this guy is an unfair idiot! Why would he purposely stuff
up the website design of anther webmaster". Well, I am not
trying to reduce their chances of making a sale. Basically, I'm
trying to icnrease their chances of making a sale, by using the
Google Adwords program ...

Ok, so here is what I would ideally love. Once again, I would
forever be in your debt if you can give me any ideas. If it is
possible, I would love to frame an affiliate link, and then have
some sort of popup code, that disables the javascript popup
from opening. The website in question, uses a simple java
based popup. Any chance of disabling the popup without full
access to the source code of the webmaster's site? (ie, I can
not actually change the code of his site, so this script solution
would have to remotely disable it or something, through a
frame etc). Obviously, I would be sending the traffic to this
frame page, where the code would appear in one frame, and
the affiliate link in another frame.

Hopefully the gurus can help out!