Hey all !!

ok, so i looked through the list of forums and couldnt find one which fits, so i'm just gonna ask here ! .. to mods & admins, if you think of a better place this thread belongs, feel free to move it (just inform me afterwards)

ok, here's the deal, i'm starting to build a PHP software directory at this link .. (click on programs and scripts) ...now, i'm kindof stuck regarding how i want to deal with COMMERCIAL software... so, here are my options... i'd like some comments regarding these, and if you know of a better option, feel free to enlighten me

1. right on that page, make a "Commercial Progs & Scripts" and a "Free / Opensource Progs & Scripts" ..... and put sub cats of the scripts in there, and boom shaka laka

2. make a "Progs & Scripts" .. as there is now, then split that, inside, into "free / opensource" , and "commercial"

3. make a tag in the program settings for it to be commercial OR free/opensource ... then put all progs & scripts into 1 thing ...

in the above 3 , if a program has a commercial licensed one and a crippled free edition, it would go ONLY in the commercial section ...

now, in 1 and 2, WHY i'm trying to split commercial and free is because many people dont really care about commercial software since they cant afford it, so they want to see the free stuff only.... however, if i were to put commercial and free together, the one with the highest votes/reviews would still be up on top ...

does anybody have anything for me on this ?