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    Really stuck about javascript over frames...

    I am new to javascript and I am trying to use javascript over the frames to control a php function.
    I will attach some piece of example I have but couldnot get to work, but also I want to express my problem verbally too:

    I have a web page which had two frames. In one of these frames there is a php function and a button:

    <FORM name="testForm" METHOD=GET ACTION=<?php echo $PHP_SELF?>>

    $i = $_GET["temp"];


    echo $i;

    <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="temp" VALUE="<?php echo $i?>">

    I am sure it si clear what this button does. What I am trying and failing to do is to have another button on the other frame that does the same thing this button does and also does it through the same php function. So this button on the other frame should somehow again set "full" and naturally since isset($_GET["full"]) is true, $i will be incremented, as many times as the user presses this button.

    Is it impossible to do something like this?

    I dont know much php or javascript but my logic is that the user clicks ia button and sends the server's php a task and since javascript is also client side,just like the user himself, I thought javascript can do the same. The user tells javascript to do it and javascript tells the php to do it....

    Any ideas?

    Have a nice day.

    Murat Isik
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