I have been looking at the dynamic form script on (http://javascript.about.com/library/...ldynoforms.htm). It's good and nearly solves my problem but I want to add to it so that there are five new different form input boxes each time I press 'Add Item'.

Can anyone help me out? Also, I am stumped as to how to read values from an array form element using php? I pass the values of this script into php which uses $_POST to extract the form values but all I get is 'multifield' = 'whatever the last value entered was' - where are the other values?

I tried changing this line in the script:
htmlStr += 'Item #' + (i+1) + ' <input type="text" name="multifield" value="' + gFieldValues[i] + '"><br>';
htmlStr += 'Item #' + (i+1) + ' <input type="text" name="multifield[]" value="' + gFieldValues[i] + '"><br>';
(added [] to the name), but then the script doesn't work at all.