Just about to launch my service and want to run though the options again.

1. Banner ads - The standard 468x60. Everyone uses them. Low click though mean low profits. But they are the standard. This is bad if I want my company to be unique.

2. Multiple 88x61 ads - I seen a thread the other day about how small ads are getting a better lick through the banners even if their near the bottom. This is an option, although users may not like the idea of putting multiple ads on their site. Also means more work for me.

3. Text ads- Seem to be a growing trend right now. But are they much better than a banner ad? Same size and enclosed in a border. This is an options, although each ad would almost have to be customized to fit they backround of certain sites. Again, means more work for me.

4. Search boxes - I just ran across a FWP that makes users put a search box on their site rather than a banner ad. But what about the click through percentage? I can't see to many people running searches off just any site. It's still a uniqye idea for a FWP, so it is an option.

5. Newsletter - I do offer a newsletter, so once there are a lot of sign ups, ads will be sold in them.

6. ???

Now I want my service to be unique, but is that possible when the only way for a FWP to make money is through advertising. Am I missing a 6th or 7th option here. Let me know what you'd do.