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Hello Padders,

Yes its me

I have been looking for new ways to make the advertisers happy recently. They have been unhappy with the click through rates.

I saw someone in the past talking about depending on the amount of posts in a thread..having a banner show up half way down the thread.

So if it is a 30 post thread..the banners shows up after the 15th post.

In regards to neuads: I also noticed that the site is defnitely unprofessional. That is a big turn off.

hehe, guess who that was

In regards to pop-ups. You can use them, i see for two types of people:

i) who will never come back
ii) who will definitely come back.

Now I run a forum, people normally fall into category i) and ii). The only people who are between are the ones who are just getting used to the place, so the plan is not to fire pop-ups at them. That is the plan. Each person is remembered by a session so I wan't to some how encorporate this into it. Not easy but possible me thinks.