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    Inconsistant setInterval() behavior across browsers/platforms

    <edit>For the record, it turned out this problem was not due to setInterval at all, but to a function that was causing an error when evaluated under very rare conditions in IE, but not Mozilla. Got it going, now.. Seems like whenever I post a question here, no matter how long I've been agonizing over the solution, it comes to me just after. </edit>

    I've been wrestling with the setInterval() function's strangely inconsistant behaviors in IE6 Windows, IE5.2 Mac, and Firebird 0.7 (both platforms) for about a week and a half. It seems that certain actions -- say, changing what object a variable in a function called by setInterval references -- break the setInterval() in IE, but not in Windows. I've recoded my current project's scripts three times attempting to find a way to implement what I'm looking for in a manner that works across platforms.

    The current incarnation is viewable at (please don't critique the design, it's very rough. yes, I know it's too big to work with on dialup. I'm still working on minimizing the number of images I'll need for the effect I want..)

    As you can see, in Firebird, the slider slides back and forth endlessly. On IE, the slider slides from "Image 1" to "Image 6" once, and maybe back if I'm lucky. It should mirror Firebird's behavior.

    If anyone has any idea what in my code is causing this discrepancy, please, please let me know.

    [and no, the script up there now is far from feature-complete. I'm looking to figure out how to de-glitch it before I add the rest of the stuff it needs]
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