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    Hi folks.

    Before I go into my main question, I should ask if Java can set a javascript variable. If not there is no point describing it. I don't know anything about Java, and have only just been learning some javascript.

    If so would it be something like...

    <script language="javascript">

    var myVar = "<applet..."


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    Netscape 3.x and 4.x and MSIE 4 or later allow an Applet to access JavaScript objects/variables and JavaScript to envoke Java methods by importing and then using the netscape.javascript.JSObject class that is built into the Java runtime of those browsers. This support is enabled by adding the MAYSCRIPT attribute to the APPLET tag.

    This support is not available in Netscape 6.0, which uses the Sun Java runtime (or Opera 5.0, for the same reason). Whether or not NS6 supports JavaScript-Java communication by some other means is something I'd have to research. Does anyone else know offhand?
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