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    Mozilla Image Float

    Currently I am trying to float an image and have text next to it. It looks and works fine in IE. IN Mozilla however, the text and everything doesn't preserve its spacing. It overlaps once the browser gets smaller. I want a line break inbetween each item and a paragraph between each section. Here is the page I am having problems with. The CSS sections and section of the html that is giving me grief is also below.

    #content {width: 100%; height: auto; border-top: #434343 1px solid; line-height: 18px; position: relative;}
    .left {float: left; clear: both; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 4px; position: relative; top: 0; left: 0;}
    HTML Code:
    <div id='content'><blockquote><br />
    <b>About</b><br />
    Derelict Studios is a network that brings many of the top quality Command and Conquer™ <Link TO FAQ QUESTION>modifications</Link> and modders together. Founded in the summer of 2003 shortly after the demise of most remaining Command and Conquer™ editing networks, Derelict Studios serves to reinstate a central gathering place within the community.
    <p />
    Instead of offering hosting and overseeing the growth of many individual modifications, Derelict Studios was designed to create a network comprised of a small, united group of modders that are truly devoted to making modifications of high standards.
    <p />
    Derelict Studios is founded by Smurf Bizkit and Chrono, who are founders of Wipeout Studios in the year 2000. Wipeout Studios was one of the first Studios network in the community that although short-lived, inspired many large scaled modding community projects such as Eclipsemods, and Federation Studios.
    <p />
    Currently Derelict Studios consists of the following mods.<br />
      <b>C&C Red Alert 2 - Yuri’s Revenge</b><br />
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/ar2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>Allies Revenge 2<br /><span class='brown'>
      AR2 is a unique sci-fi total conversion in an original and immensive world
      never seen before in any Red Alert 2 modifications. Taking place on Atrigo,
      where two factions - Nemesis and Genesis, collide, AR2 features a whole new
      story, two distinctive sides, over 40 custom made units and more. Each unit in 
      AR2 has unique features and weapons, and instead of balancing the two sides
      out completely, we have strived to make them as diverse and interesting as we 
      could. Adding to the new building hierarchy, menu, other sound and visual 
      effects, AR2 is going to change the way you play the classic Westwood game.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/blitz2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>Blitzkrieg I<br /><span class='brown'>Three sentence intro.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/blitz2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>True War<br /><span class='brown'>
      A realistic Total Conversion for Yuri's Revenge, TrueWar is aimed at
      converting everything to a realistic modern warfare mod. With 3 countries
      (USA, UK and Russia) and the weapon systems these countries use today, players 
      can now recreate a cold war that suddenly turned hot.<p />
      Altough development has halted and no new units will be added, a patch will be 
      issued "soon" that will fix all know bugs and have some graphic enhancements.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
      <b>C&C Generals</b><br />
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/blitz2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>Blitzkrieg II<br /><span class='brown'>
      Blitzkrieg II is a World War 2 total conversion for Command and Conquer:
      Generals. Blitzkrieg II is not simply a port of Blitzkrieg I over to the new
      engine, it is a complete remake. Everything you loved about the RA2/YR version 
      is here, plus many new additions. Boasting exciting new gameplay will have you 
      at the edge of your seat until you emerge victorious or claim defeat. Command 
      your own history with the Allies, Germany or Russia.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/blitz2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>Fallout<br /><span class='brown'>Three sentence intro.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
      <b>C&C Generals - Zero Hour</b><br />
      </dd><dd><div style='height:95;'><img src='images/icons/blitz2.jpg' class='left' width='95' height='84'>World Crisis<br /><span class='brown'>Three sentence intro.</span><br clear='right' />&nbsp;</div>
    </blockquote><br clear='all' />&nbsp;</div>

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    I figured it out partly. Putting the items in <div> screwed it up. Once I removed those, everything was better. I still have some problems though.


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