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    Well Creole. Imagine an Internet where there is no search engine, no directory, nothing of the sort.

    Yahoo was the first.

    I agree. I hate it now. But you asked why it got so big.

    I for one immediately started using AV instead of yahoo when it first came out, but back then when the internet was in its infancy yahoo was all there was.

    Not trying to get into yahoo is a big mistake as well. With what? 40 million uniques a month they can send loads of traffic your way.
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    Originally posted by Matt Mickiewicz
    We publicly condemn Yahoo for refusing to list the Network
    Just my two cents...I think Yahoo! is way off the mark for not listing Sitepoint! I am a COMPLETE web novice, and I RELY almost exclusively from information/articles/forums here at SitePoint to guide me through the site/traffic builiding process.

    My site launched in June of last year - I work on it while sitting in my kitchen, and to this day, I still don't know what php, java, etc, are - (and don't really want to know.)

    Anyway, 7 months later, it's getting 90,000 uip's, and 330,000 pageviews per month...

    The one question I get asked over and over again is how did I do it?



    Matt, I don't need to look at even ONE of the other sites Yahoo! has my book, I only need you all...

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    oops, I did it July '07

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    That's a cool story
    I personally use yahoo to search, not for the listing in the result, but the listing from Google that I got. So basically I use the domain "" to search on, which I like.
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