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    Question Can Someone Please Help Me

    I am new to this so someone PLEASE HELP ME!!

    I have a php form which I am trying to check. My code is shown below (only the piece which is questionable). This code works, however, what I want is the line I currently have commented off. If I comment off the first "if" statement (the one I don't want) I get an error saying "Object Expected". What am I doing wrong? Why will it work for the first if statement but not the second?

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    function checkform (form1)
    {if (form1.txtJobNo.value == "C"){
    //{if (preg_match("/[A-a]{2,2}[0-9]{8,8}/", form1.$jobno)){
    alert ("Please enter a valid job number");
    return False;}

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    preg_match is a PHP function, and doesn't exist in javascript. Try this instead

    { if ( /[A-a]{2,2}[0-9]{8,8}/.test( form1.$jobno ) ) {

    although, I must say, that's one of the oddest patterns I've seen.

    What is $jobno supposed to be? That will likely cause problems too, as JS properties can't start with anything but a-z and the underscore.
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