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    Question A Few PHPbb Forum Questions

    (I hope this is where this goes, I apologize if I'm wrong) I have a website, and my Cpanel allows me to create a "bulletin board" basically at the push of a button. It gives me phpbb ("creating communities") forums, which look pretty idiot-proof, but I have some (probably simple) questions to ask (btw- never used php, always stuck to html before):

    1. At the left-hand top corner of each page there's a phpbb gif image linking to my forum home page. I assume I can change that to a graphic of my own, but if I can, I certainly don't know where I'd change the script or even where I'd upload the image.

    2. Am I (and if so how) able to make other members administrators?

    3. Would I be able to, in the future, put adds on my forums, and if so, where would I go on my administration panel (or elsewhere) to do that?

    I just created them today, probably getting ahead of myself, but I'd really like to get cracking on it, if I can work out how.

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    Check out for the ads, I believe you will need a hack for that.

    To change the graphics, you'll need to edit the templates. I'm not sure how to do that in phpBB though.

    To make new admins, you'd have to go into the admin panel and probably edit the user and place them in the new usergroup.
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