I am working with a script that someone else wrote (since I am a layman) and I am looking to get the results of my form to be sent back to the person who submitted the form. This should be easy enough, but I don't have the proper syntax. Here is my code:

<!-- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/english/list_of_emails.inc" -->
Dim BodyText
Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

Mailer.From = Request.Form("contactEmail")
Mailer.To = mailEducationRegistration

rem Mailer.AddRecipient "",Request.Form("contactEmail")

Mailer.Subject = "PwC CPI Saba Class Registration " & Request.FORM("className")

BodyText = " " & vbCrLf
BodyText = BodyText + "PwC CPI Saba Class Registration" & vbCrLf
BodyText = BodyText + "Company Name:                " & Request.FORM("companyName") & vbCrLf
BodyText = BodyText + "Address:                     " & Request.FORM("street") & vbCrLf
BodyText = BodyText + "                          

Now the current 'Mailer.To' needs to remain the way it is, and I need another copy of the email to go to 'RequestForm("contactEmail"). Can I just remove the commented out section of my code? ie. Making:

Mailer.AddRecipient "",Request.Form("contactEmail")

an active line?


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