to run a swf that is in a seperate cell from a disjointed rollover, seems there are 4 approaches:
1) behavior "control flash" - which everyones seems to say still does not work even in MX
2) use FS command in flash to launch different frame actions - I want to use cells
3) use Layer commands - too scary
4) bundle all cells into one big swf - too big, slows download

Trying to just find a javascript call, if behaviors won't work

The idea here is to make text scroll-in to explain different elements on a diagram pic. Each swf has image animations & text

my working site is:
on this example: a rollover on the top blue box
would cause the 3 swf's below it to re-run,
so the behavior / control / run would seem a beaut, but wont' work according to dozens of posts on dm exchange, dreamweaver forums, & google/DW forum

Any ideas appreciated - seems like a straightforward goal that no one's cracked except using layers
thanks again, guys
riki retardo