Could anyone help me with this??
I started having problem with simple web form after using IE6 and Netscape 7.1. The form was supposed to send and email with the contents of the form and was working fine with previous versions of these browsers. But now what is happenig is when I click submit button IE6 opens outlook express and the netscape its own mail program which I dont want to happen. The form should be able to send the content direct to the receipient without opening email programs. It is a simple form I am using. HELP ME!

<form method="POST" NAME="REGO" action=" email" enctype="text/plain" >
<table BORDER=0 WIDTH="100%" >
<td WIDTH="20%"><font face="Times New Roman,Times"><font color="#000066">My name is: </font></font></td>

<td><input TYPE="text" NAME="My_Name" SIZE="30"></td>

<td><font face="Times New Roman,Times"><font color="#000066">Phone number/font></font></td>

<td><input TYPE="text" NAME="My phone no. " SIZE=15></td>

<br><input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send"><input TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset"><input TYPE="button" VALUE="Back" onClick=history.back()></form></td>

Please note that the form was working fine before using previous versions of the browsers.