Hi folks,
here's my dilema. I trying to have my site stream my songs and then I want to put in a code to have it open another swf in the same window/level at random.
I'm looking for an actionscript code to do the following.
I need it to load my swf files in random order. <-don't make since
"is there a such thing as, Random order, order is not Random"
I have been searchin sites and forums and I keep getting real close to what I'm looking for. However, the code must be too complex for my newb @$$, or either they're half complete. Please, I know that it's a simple code to load my swf's, I just need a lil assistance.

ver: Flash 5
OS: Winderz (windows2k)

examples I found on the net!
loadMovie("http://your-server.com/swf/"&filename, _root, );