I keep getting an error message, this is what that line has on it....

OnMouseOver="if(V4) OnOver(0,IDP[7],0,0,0,'contactus.html',1)" OnMouseOut="if(V4) OnOver(0,IDP[7],'#ffff00',0,0,0,0)">

Is this all I have to do to fix it or am I way off here??
OnMouseOver="(if(V4) OnOver(0,IDP[7],0,0,0,'contactus.html',1)" OnMouseOut="(if(V4) OnOver(0,IDP[7],'#ffff00',0,0,0,0)">

I just put a ( after the quotation marks following onmouseover

Is this my problem or am I way off in left field here?? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.