I'm trying to detemine the height of a div in javascript. The actual height is defined in the attached stylesheet. When I query document.getElementById("ModuleHeader").style.height I get undefined. Here's a bit of the code:
 <div id="ModuleHeader"> <img src="photobugHEAD.jpg" width="572" height="153"></div>
The attached stylesheet contains this defintion:
 #ModuleHeader {
 	width: 100%;
 	height: 153px;
 	position: relative;
 	top: 0px;
 	left: 0px;
 	z-index: 20;
 	text-align: left;
 	background-color: #33CCCC;
But this javascript returns undefined:
How can I get that to return 153? I don't want to rely on the height of the image, which in this case happens to be the same height as the div.

Nate Baxley