In the below piece of html, Dreamweaver is saying that the <span class="footlinks"> tag and its Closing </span> tag is "invalid markup becauces they are overlapping or unclosed tags". Does anyone know why?

<td width="247" valign="top"><br>
&nbsp;<span class="footsitename">FA Premier</span><br><span class="footlinks">
<li><a href="http://www.fa-premier.com/livenews/whfc/wh23120001.html">Redknapp
Slams Costly Mistakes....</a> <br>
<li><a href="http://www.fa-premier.com/livenews/whfc/wh22120002.html">Redknapp
Happy To Take On 'Rejects'....</a> <br></span>

I've tried viewing the pages in both Netscape and IE and the CSS works fine. Am I ok to leave these tags as they are or are there certain browsers they won't work in???

Thanks for the help.