Hello. I have just started up a site. I decided to use php and mySQL to create a blog from scratch. I learned how to use php and mySQL in a week and set everything up perfectly. I no longer have to worry about the complex stuff, but now I am having a problem with the supposedly easy stuff (ironically). I give users the option of responding to the posts. To view responses, you click the respond link and a box pops up.

The problem is:

When the box is hidden, it still has a "footprint." It shifts all the text that is below it down. It really bothers me. Its a pretty swanky site if youwant to check it out and give me some help. Most of the code is generated with php on this page, but if if just get suggestions relating to the html and css that would be perfect

here is the site www.alisdairi.com/blog.php