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    OK, I've just about wrapped up my totals for the year concerning PPC marketing.

    My history with PPC....started about Feb with most of the PPC campains. I initally had about 50 keywords and now the list has grown to over 250.

    I increased every PPC campaign at the same rate, usually the same day (which currently with 6 search engines). Needless to say, non of them produced the same results, more importantly, only on (GoTo) gave me something to be proud of. Others like "7search" and "Bay9"(formally rocketlinks) really, and I do mean really...suck the big one!

    Here are my yearly totals (rounded to the nearest 10th): 5,240 625 200 130 20 17

    There they are, numbers do not lie! Those are the yearly totals (up-to-date) and please keep in mind that each site had pretty much the same keywords, same titles, same, you can make your decisions from there....some simply DO NOT PERFORM at all. Others, on the other hand can hand you extremely targeted (after all, the visitor is searching for that specific term!) traffic.

    I wish everyone well for this holiday weekend. Me, I'm hanging up my SEO glasses for a while and going to play a few rounds of Disc Golf here in the loads of snow we have.

    Merry Xmas and all that othe @#)(*$@)
    Professional Disc Golf Association

    what a sport!

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    Good info!

    The main reason that some of the engines aren't getting the results you want, is they don't have the traffic.

    Check out and you can get a good idea who has got how much traffic. Not entirely true, as I think heavily syndicated engines (Goto) are undercounted, and I think there may be some kinda lag in alexa.

    One search engine, heavily promoted as a good place to advertise, has just 1 million searches per month by the end of this year in their business plan. Sounds good? GoTo had 200 million even before recent massive syndication arrangements.

    Bottom line? If the search engine doesn't have much traffic, they probably can't send you much.


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