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    Image rotator - Not a standard one!

    Edited on November 7th:
    I use the script by Adios now. If you want to see the original script in action, to compare speed, please go to


    I am looking for an image rotator script, and although I have found many scripts that do so, they do not quite do what I want. And I cannot create one myself. I can tweak scripts a little most of the times, but that's about it. I would be most grateful if somebody could help me with this!

    What I need is this. I am working on a new design for my site I parked it on, so you can see it there. As you can see I use an image rotating script, which uses a large number of images and preloads all of them before showing them in fixed order. This causes too much delay and I also don't like the fixed order. What I would want is the same effect, but in the form of script that picks a random image from an array, and shows the image immediately. In the background the next random image must be loaded. So only the next image, not all of them. That way there will be much less delay I presume. Am I correct and if so, can this be done?

    Thank you!
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