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December 17th, 2000 - Issue #40

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Year-End Tennis Wrap-Up
By Tom Kosinski

The first year of the tennis millenium ended with a bang and a surprise
on both the men's and women's sides. SC's Tom Kosinski takes a look back
at the 2000 professional tennis season.


Through Blue Eyes: A Duke Fan Speaks Out
By Rick Reighard

In 1998, SC's Peter Gloviczki, Jr. was privileged to witness the
championship game at the Final Four in Tampa, Florida. What he saw,
after two and one half hours of bartering with scalpers, was, in his
view, one of the greatest sporting events ever.


Simply Amazing: Kobe Bryant's Journey to Greatness
By John Christensen

Kobe Bryant is in his fifth season in the NBA playing for the glorious
world champion L.A. Lakers. He is living his dream and enjoying being
one of the brightest stars in the NBA in recent years, writes SC's John



MLB Offseason: Analyzing the Trade Buzz
By Dylan Sides

The 2000 baseball free agent period is in full swing, with big names
still on the board.

Mike Mussina signed with the New York Yankees for around $16 million a
year. This figure is about $2 million lower than I would have expected,
but the figure does bode well for the other teams in baseball looking to
secure pitching for 2001. Mussina's contract will pace the rest of the
available front line pitchers to about the same number. The biggest
catch that was left available was Mike Hampton, who recently signed with
the Colorado Rockies.

I had thought Hampton would go back home and sign with the Houston
Astros, but he nixed that over fears about Houston players wouldn't
coming back from injury (2B Craig Biggio and RP Billy Wagner) and
management's inability to sign 1B Jeff Bagwell and OF Moises Alou past
the 2001 season.

These concerns of Hampton's are legit, but if he would have signed,
Houston General Manager Gerry Hunsicker would have been given the green
light to get those guys under contract. Hampton looked at the present
and failed to see the future. It's too bad for Houston fans, but great
for fans of the Rockies, Hampton's new home.

On other fronts, OF Tony Gwynn, of the San Diego Padres, is fielding
offers, and the Padres are one of the teams still bidding for him. Gwynn
is one of the best hitters in the game and San Diego didn't pick the
option up on his contract after last season, mainly to resign Gwynn but
at a lower cost. It's too bad, because I don't see Gwynn in a Padres
uniform in 2001. It will be weird seeing one of the best pure hitters
since Ted Williams in a different uniform, but Gwynn gave the Padres
more than most players do in this day and age. Gwynn will go somewhere
where he is paid well and where the team has a legit shot at the World
Series, something San Diego doesn't have.

Sammy Sosa, of the Chicago Cubs, is in the final year of his contract
and wants to sign an extension, if only the Cubs will put up the
dollars. Sosa has gone on record saying he wants to sign with the Cubs,
but don't be surprised if Sosa is traded to an American League club for
2001, most talked about being - look out - the Texas Rangers.

If this happens, Texas could have A-Rod at short and Sosa in the
outfield. The Oakland Athletics won't be able to keep this team down to
repeat as West champions.

Thanks for reading!


Post your thoughts on the baseball discussion board at:


Dylan heads the Internet publication "SportsBytes Magazine", covering
nearly every major and minor league of sports played in North America,
as well, as international soccer. Dylan attended Southwest Texas State
University in San Marcos, Texas, where he studied journalism, writing,
and history. He can be reached at: mailto:dsides@bobcats.net


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