I have just finished converting one of my sites to CSS. Everything is finally working just the way I want it to and the CSS validates. However, the HTML does not and it seems to be related to the CSS.

I am using SSI for the header and footers. I have two div's defined that I use frequently. The first I have called #container and it is designed to confine everything else to a specific width in the presentation. The other, #text, sets all the formatting for the textual content on the page.

The W3C validator yells at me for multiple uses of the same div names. In other words, because #container appears in the header, body and footer there are three instances of it and it tells me on the latter two that the div is already defined. Same thing goes for #text. As a result, I can not even get the page to validate as 4.01 transitional.

Am I going to have to define seperate #container for header and footer and so on? Thats seem counter productive and not in the spirit of CSS.